Enter our 2019 Merch Design Comp!

Each year we will run a new competition and do a limited edition run of merchandise featuring our winning artists work. Nexus Con fans can collect their favs each year.

You can enter as many pieces are you like!

Our winning artist will receive a significant cash prize. 

COMPETITION CLOSES: Monday, 01 July 2019 at midnight

Design Brief:

We are looking for a unique, dynamic and fun piece of art that represents all things ‘Nexus’. This is not going to be a ‘logo’. Think…. picture, cartoon, abstract or scene. It will need to have the words “Nexus Con 2019” cleverly incorporated in the artwork. 

Your imagination is a powerful tool. Have fun exploring the possibilities.

Please check the terms and conditions below before you submit your artwork.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Must be artists original piece – art work must be appropriate for viewing by general public including children. No vulgar, discriminatory or offensive art work will be accepted.
  • All artworks must include the words “Nexus Con 2019” within the piece and be easily identified. (does not have to be a prominent feature but must be easily visible)
  • Artist agrees for their image to be shared on social media for the purpose of voting. Voting opens Tuesday, 02 July 2019. 
  • Entering the competition does not give Nexus the rights to the artwork, this remains with the artist.
  • Winning design will be determined by voting + Nexus Con committees final determination.  
  • Winning the competition gives Nexus limited license for use of artwork on merchandise run for 2019 event only – any further additional usage to be agreed upon separately by both parties.
  • Winner must provide Nexus with print quality digital copy of artwork on completion of competition (if there is difficulty with digital transition original artwork needs to be provided to Nexus on completion of competition).
  • Artist will receive 50% off profits generated from merchandise sales up until Nexus Con 2020 when a new competition is run.
  • All entries will be displayed at the event.