Cosplay at Nexus Con 2019

Cosplay will be alive and well at Nexus Con in 2019. We encourage everyone to dress up and join in the fun! 

We will have some well known Cosplay joining us to judge the Open Cosplay Competition. They will also speak as part of our Cosplay Panel on Main Stage, run costume and prop Workshops and be available for photographs and signings. 

Open Cosplay Competition & Kids Costume Parade

There’s an opportunity for everyone to show off their costume and their skills at Nexus Con no matter their age. For everyone 12 years and over there is the Open Cosplay Competition and for the young ones there’s the Kids Costume Parade.


Nexus Con Children’s Costume Parade


We invite all children 12 years and under to take part in our Costume Parade. No need to register just turn up at the main stage.

We have some very special guests who will lead the parade.  These special guests will also be entertaining children throughout the day with a range of fun activities. 

Nexus Con Cosplay Competition


The Open Cosplay Competition is always a highlight of Nexus Con as we all look forward to seeing some amazing costumes.

Everyone is welcome to enter the competition but we do have a few rules which must be complied with.  Nexus Con reserves the right to withdraw access for anyone deemed to be breaking the rules. Read on to Understand how it will all work and what the rules are.


 The Cosplay Competition will take place on  main stage.  Sam Stanford (the Con’s creator) will again be the MC. When Sam calls your name, come up on stage and strut your stuff! Sam will also ask you a question or 2 about your costume and/or character.

If you feel brave enough you can do a little character role-playing but this is not compulsory.  Please remember to keep yourself safe and everyone around you too – you’ll need to let us know what your performance might entail so we can be sure it’s appropriate safety wise. 

If you feel you would like someone to accompany you on stage (be it a friend, family member or another competitor) than that is fine too.

Following everyone’s appearance on the stage, the judges will then convene and decide on the winner for each category. This shouldn’t take long so please hang around!

The winners will then be announced by the judges (who are also our very special guest cosplayers). 


No, entering the competition is completely free.


Each winner will receive a $100 voucher and there are also opportunities to win one of three professional photo shoots in costume.

There are 4 category awards:

  • Best Craftsmanship: This is for the serious Cosplayer and is awarded for the quality and intricacy of the costume. You can either make your costume yourself or if a bought one, you have significantly altered it.
  • Crowd Favorite: This is awarded to the costume and stage presence that gets the best audience response.
  • Judges Pick: This is an encouragement award for the costume which is nearly there but not quite but still deserves recognition.
  • Best in Show: This goes to the overall standout costume and stage presence.

**Our guest, award winning, photography judge will also choose three entrants to receive a complimentary photo shoot and digital images of their session. These may be the above category winners or someone completely different. 


Our judging panel are made up of our special guest cosplayers!  They have the expertise to make decisions based on fairness and industry knowledge.

We will also have our professional photographer judging and determining three photographic winners. The photographer will not have input into the other four category winners.

Please note the judges do not need to disclose how they came to their decision and their decision is final.

We understand there will be lots of great costumes on the day but we can only have 4 winners.  Just remember we are here to have fun, to learn from each other and to make connections with people with similar interests.


To be eligible to enter the Cosplay competition you must register on the day. 

You can register by completing:

  • A hard copy registration form on the day. Registration forms will be available at the venue entry and at the Cosplay registration table which will be located near the main stage.

Please ensure you fill out your form correctly and read the guidelines very carefully.  


If you are 12 years and over, you are dressed in costume and you follow the rules you can enter this competition.


We do have an area (cloakroom) where you can store your costumes and/or props. To access this area you will need to get a ticket at the Cosplay registration desk.


Costumes can be bought, modified or totally hand-made by you! It is up to you but please check the Award categories for any guidelines around this. be eligible for the best craftsmanship you need to have made your costume yourself or if a bought one, significantly altered it.

Nexus Con is a family friendly event so organisers have the right to refuse entry to anyone whose costumes are deemed inappropriate or too risqué.

Please also read our Weapons Policy below.

If you are unsure please contact us via Facebook or email: 

Cosplay Rules:

  1. Nexus Con is a family-friendly event. Please be considerate of other attendees in regards to your costume choice. If your costume is deemed to be too revealing or offensive, you will be asked to change.
  2. Costumes resembling law enforcement should be easily distinguishable from official uniforms (impersonating the police is illegal).
  3. Roller blades, roller skates, and skateboards are not allowed inside.
  4. Please be aware of your surroundings and don’t swing props or weapons around. Same goes for large costume pieces – please be wary especially if inside in a crowded space.
  5. We request no signage in regards to free hugs or other sorts of touching. We want everyone to feel comfortable.
  6. Cosplayers are free to refuse photos or requests to be hugged/touched. Attendees that intentionally violate a cosplayer’s (or any other attendee’s) personal space without permission may be removed from the event grounds.
  7. No pets are allowed, with the exception of properly identified service animals.

Weapons Policy:

All Cosplay and Costume props must comply with our Weapons Policy. If you have any concerns or have questions please contact us.

All attendees, exhibitors, crew and staff at Nexus Con events must comply with all Federal, State and local laws and regulations regarding weapons, imitation weapons and props, as well as their usage.

Why do we have a Weapons Policy?
Our primary concern at Nexus Con is the enjoyment, safety and comfort of all participants in our events. This weapons policy was written to ensure that all community members and event participants are able to enjoy our events in a safe and comfortable environment.

What is classified as a weapon?
A weapon is any device or accessory, whether decorative or functional, made to act as, or resemble, a fighting instrument. This includes, but is not exclusive to, items such as swords, axes, daggers, hammers, phasers, guns, canons, bows and arrows, no matter what size or composition.

Are weapons allowed at Nexus Con events?
Any weapons that adhere to the following policy are welcome at Nexus Con events. If in doubt, or in need of clarification, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns via Facebook or our website. We will endeavour to respond within a 48 hour period.

How can we use weapons in Cosplay?
Many characters in Anime and Pop Culture feature weapons. As such, it is sometimes difficult to imagine the character without their favourite dagger, phaser or absurdly scaled sword (Yes, we’re talking about you, Sephiroth and Ichigo!).

SAFE Weapons are welcomed at all Nexus Con Cosplay events, unless stated otherwise, assuming they meet the following guidelines:

• Weapons should, preferably, be primarily composed of either Foam, Cardboard or Plastic
• Weapons composed primarily of Wood or Metal must be first approved of by a member of Nexus Con. To get a wooden or metal weapon approved, contact us via Facebook or our Website and one of our members will respond to you within 48 hours. You will be asked to provide images of the weapon and answer any questions regarding its safety.
• After consideration, Nexus Con organisers will contact you in regards to the decision.
*Note: Approval criteria can be situational, such as venue and event demographic. As such, the same weapon may be approved for one use and not another.
• Weapons with Sheaths should remain sheathed when not in use for performance, photos or judging in competition.
• All Weapons must be Blunt. Sharpened weapons are not allowed under any circumstances.
• Unlawful Possessions of Weapons- Attendees and exhibitors are not permitted to possess or bring to any Nexus Con events any actual weapons. Please refer to the NSW Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 No 127 for more detailed descriptions and definitions of banned items.  Unlawful possession of weapons is an offence and local authorities will be contacted.

Travelling to and from the Event
All due care must be taken to ensure your weapons or props are stored in a bag or storage container to avoid any public alarm.

Nexus Con reserves the right to remove and store any weapons for the duration of the event for reasons including, but not exclusive to, misconduct with the weapon, causing anxiety amongst event attendees or creating a hazardous situation with the weapon. Weapons removed or stored may be collected at the completion of the event.

Nexus Con also reserves the right to remove any participant from an event for misconduct, causing anxiety amongst attendees or creating hazardous situations.