How can we get involved?

To register your interest in Minecraft freeplay, check the confirmation email you received after registering for Nexus Online and look for this heading: “Activity Registration Form”.


Open the link below that heading and complete the form to register for the activities you’re interested in.

You will be sent more information on the 7th August 2020 (AEST).


You can also join in anytime during the event. Keep your eyes on the streams, Discord Server, and social media for any updates!

What Platforms do we support?

Bedrock (iPad, Smartphone, Tablet, Windows 10 Edition) and Java (Windows and Mac).


How do we join?

Instructions will be given out on the day to people who have registered.


Is it safe? / What restrictions are in place?

Our servers are fully locked down and closely monitored by our staff.


What servers / gamemodes are we offering?

We will be offering SkyBlock, Creative and also a variety of minigames.

Will we get help on the servers from staff?

We will have admins on the server, as well as Rob and Joel on Discord and Live Streaming.


What competitions will we be running?

We will be running a ‘Survival Games Tournament’ on Day 1 and our ‘Build-Off Tournament’ on Day 2

Do we need Minecraft Accounts?

Yes, you will need a Minecraft Account.


Java Users will need their own Minecraft Account. You can create one on the Minecraft Website. Bedrock Users will need to download the latest version from the Play Store or App Store. The Windows 10 Edition can be purchased here.


Version Guide:

  • Java 1.14.4 (Windows and Mac Users)
  • Bedrock Latest (iPad, Smartphone Tablet) – Requires a Xbox Live Account
  • Bedrock Windows 10 Edition (Latest) – Requires a Xbox Live Account

What if I still have questions?

Then get in touch with us!


Prior to the event, you can send your questions on social media, or through our contact form on the website.

During the event, we encourage you to use one of the relevant Discord Channels to contact the people who can help!


We will do our best to get back to you ASAP!