The Australian Esports League (AEL) and Nexus are teaming up to host Super Smash Brothers and Valorant tournaments!

How much is it to enter?

Entry is FREE and open to ANYONE!

How will this work?

Communication with players will be conducted through a Discord Server, which will open closer to the event.

Rosters and Results will be managed through platforms best suited to each game, and embedded into the Nexus Con website, so you can keep up to date easily!

When are the tournaments happening?

Esports will be starting from 10am on Sunday the 9th of August, AEST.
This may change based on the number of entrants, so keep an eye on social media and on the Discord server for the latest updates from AEL or the Nexus team!

Is there a deadline to register for the Esports Tournaments?

Yes there is! Esports registrations must be submitted by 9am on the 8th of August (AEST)!

This gives our team 24 hours to get everything organised and ensures the tournaments will run as smoothly as can be.

Esports Registration Deadline…

Still have questions?

Check out the Esports FAQ page for some more info!

We’ll be releasing more information as the event gets closer.
Watch out for emails from us, or updates on our social feeds tot he latest updates.

If you have any immediate questions, feel free to get in touch with us, either through our social feeds or our contact page!